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Celosia Varieties (a.k.a. woolflower/cock's comb)
Exciting Color Selections In The Fire & Atomic Series from Kelos

Celosias are a flowering ornamental which belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. The long lasting blooms provide intense color for gardens or landscaping, and will attract butterflies. As cut flowers they maintain their color for weeks - perfect for bouquets and floral arrangements. The bright, firey hues of Celosia and adaptability as an indoor or outdoor plant make it an appealing decorative flower for many growers.

It is an annual in most USDA Hardiness Zones, but can be perennial in zones 10 and 11. The average height at maturity is 10-14 inches with a width of 8-12 inches. They thrive in full sun to partial shade, and are robustly heat & drought resistant. Celosia is able to tolerate a range of different soil types and pH levels, making it an ideal ornamental for many environments including patios, borders, gardens, hanging baskets or even groundcover.


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